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A Tour of Surcee Farm

The Labyrinth

traveling a physical path to mindfulness


A labyrinth is a meandering path with a singular way to and from the center. This singular path enables a person to walk without concern of taking a wrong turn.


The existence of labyrinths date back more than 4,000 years. They are thought to enhance right-brain activity and serve as tools for personal, psychological, and spiritual transformation.  With a labyrinth there is only one choice to be made. The choice is to enter or not to enter. 


Labyrinths enable our minds to be still and focused in our thoughts and feelings while we are physically moving, opening the possibilities to 

* relaxation and feelings of peace

* letting go of worries and concerns

* coping with grief and loss

* gaining insight on specific problems

* increasing the flow of creativity

* achieving forgiveness

* expressing thanksgiving 

* seeing the beauty of the earth more clearly


The Surcee Farm Labyrinth will be nestled below a soaring canopy of trees, removed from the activity of the farm.  The ground is level and the path will be marked by stones and covered in a finely crushed gravel to allow for increased auditory and tactile mindfulness as you travel.  The path will not be suited for travel by wheelchair at this time.


The Greenhouse

Surcee Farm has an approximately 240 square foot greenhouse with automated  ventilation, humidity, evaporative coolers, and a heater.  The greenhouse will be handicap accessible from

the paved parking area.

It is operational year-round .

It will have a patio, with

shade structures, to work on

table top gardening activities,

or to sit and enjoy the view

of the goat paddock and the chicken coop and run.


The Chicken Coop

The chicken area has been mapped out and the coop is being designed for maximum chicken and keeper comfort and safety.  The chicken run will be located behind the greenhouse patio adjacent to the goat paddock. The location is an ideal spot to allow for entertaining chicken watching while seated on the patio or in the greenhouse. They will have free range at various times throughout the day and making friends with all who offer treats.

The Goat Barn & Paddock

We have 4 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, a breed which is know to have a gentle, calm and playful nature.  Our goats are a joy to watch and interact with. There are 2 sets of siblings, 2 brothers -Woody and Barley; and 2 sisters - Fern and Willow. They love treats from the garden and getting brushed...well everybody except Barley.


The Woods

The Farm is located on 13 acres with approximately 11 of those wooded.  It is a wonderland waiting to be explored!  From identifying trees and wildflowers, to observing and interacting with lizards, frogs, birds and creatures of all kinds, she is always captivating and sharing of her wisdom and wonder. 

The Garden and Craft Workshop

The 2 car detached garage is set up to accommodate just about any project we can come up with!  It is comfortable to work in year round with fans and heaters employed as needed. It has lots of natural light as well as bright overhead lighting for those cloudy days.  It has a zero step entry from the paved parking area and has a handicap accessible bathroom for guests to use no matter where on the farm they are. 

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