A Therapeutic Environment of Plants & Animals, for all in Need 

 Chatham County, N.C. 

We currently offer off-site (your place) Therapeutic Horticulture Programs.  We are hopeful to begin on-site (our place) Therapeutic Horticulture and Animal-Assisted Activities in the near future!

We are so excited to share our passion of plants, animals, and the beauty and wonderment of nature!

Our Farm was established in 2019. We are working hard building infrastructure and programming. 

Please refer to the tabs at the top of the page to see the highlights of the property (Tour the Farm) and programs we will be offering (What We Do).

This website is being updated as Surcee Farm grows so we hope you will check-in throughout the coming months to see how things are progressing! 

Where will you grow today?

Who We Are


Rieppe Hendrick


Director of Programming

Rieppe is a speech-language pathologist of over 25 years.  She holds a certificate in therapeutic horticulture and a certificate in animal-assisted interventions. She is happiest when she is lost in the world of plants and animals or sharing that world with others.


John Hendrick


Director of  Finance & Infastructure

John has over 25 years in the technology industry.  He is a life long fisherman with a love for the outdoors.  He enjoys woodworking and has an ability to create innovative solutions through his projects.  He has a wonderful ability to find wisdom in most situations and to gently enable others to also find that wisdom


Anna Hendrick


Director of  Art & Design

Anna is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts Visual Arts High School Program.  She has a true recognition of the beauty in the world that others often miss.  She has a skill and passion for creation that she works tirelessly to hone and a unique way of targeting each piece of work to speak to, and capture, the audience that it is created for.  She has an innate connection to animals that has been evident to all around her since a young age.


Matt Hendrick


Director of  Daily Operations

Matt is a graduate from North Carolina State University Poole College of Management.  He has a passion for the outdoors and a lifelong love and skill for cooking delicious meals.  He has a wonderful recognition of traditions and fosters the engagement and memories for those who are a part of them.  He has a genuine spirit that allows people to connect with him in and easy and comfortable way. 

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